A global sustainable spa certification program

The Vios Certified Sustainable Spa™ program is a third-party spa certification designed specifically for spas. Vios offers the ideal platform for spas to showcase their green practices and standards. Spa guests can be assured that sustainability claims have been validated when they see the Vios seal.

“Going green is no longer a trend, it’s a lifestyle.”

– Rona Berg, Editorial Director of Organic Spa Magazine

The Vios mission is to create spas healthier for the planet and people by providing best practices and standards, a trusted source for spas and consumers, and recognition for authentic leaders in sustainability.

Review standards include 200 specific criteria. We assess our spas with an initial on-site inspection by one of our trained staff, then provide re-assessments every three years. We steward a list of approved spa brands that share our values and use sustainable practices. Vios also provides education and staff training.

Become a leader with the Vios Certified Sustainable Spa™ global certification program.