How it Works: 4 Steps to Sustainability

  1. Apply for your certification and receive an assessment estimate based on your spa’s team size. We aim to make certification accessible to all spas, so we have sliding scale pricing, along with monthly payment plans for easier budgeting.
  2. After your application is accepted, schedule your two-day assessment date and get your copy of Green Spas and Salons in the mail which outlines standards and provides the checklist to prepare for your on-site assessment. Schedule your free pre-assessment call with one of our team to answer any questions you may have.
  3. Your assessor performs an on-site assessment, utilizing our proprietary standards checklist. Spas must achieve 75% to pass and qualify for the program.
  4. Receive your report within 30 days of your assessment! A graded report, certificate (if you passed!) and recommendations summary will be mailed to you upon completion. Congratulations!

Upon acceptance of your application you’ll receive our book to help guide you through the process of certification.

Green Spas and Salons, by our founder, Shelley Lotz, includes the sustainability checklist to help you prepare for your assessment.

The Vios Advantage

Once you’re part of the Vios Certified Sustainable Spa Program, you’ll have access to in-house marketing materials, web-wide directory listings, print and web ads, media coverage of our network, and full use of the Vios Certified badge in your spa and your materials. Our collective commitment showcases your shared values to your guests and distinguishes you from other spas. Our searchable database will allow guests to find your green spa online!

Vios certified spas benefit from an improved guest experience, service quality, brand reputation, guest loyalty, tracked metrics and initiative reporting, cost and resource savings, and staff wellness. Standards will ensure regenerative business practices. Become a sustainability leader!

The Assessment

Assessments rank 14 categories such as the facility, building, services, resource use, and best practices based on an unbiased point system. Part of the program’s distinction is that Vios knows the inside story of the industry operations, from treatments and product brands to the supply chain and green building. Designed for practical spa needs, assessments are discreet, efficient, and accessible with minimal time required by the staff.

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